The Lakers at their worst, Magic Johnson has a big rant!

One of the most active legends in the league on Twitter, Magic Johnson often tends to react to Lakers news. This is currently intended to be depressing, which prompted the glorious leader to deliver a scathing message about his former team!

A regular guest on American TV shows, he gladly agrees to give his opinion on the course of the NBA and its main current topics. At the same time, he feeds his Twitter account with messages mainly targeted at the Lakers, which he follows more closely as a former star of the franchise. It is therefore logical that Magic Johnson is not smiling at the moment, faced with the poor results of LA

Magic Johnson’s strong words on the Lakers’ ordeal

Defeated in their first four games, the Angelinos could not have started their redemption season less well. Like a LeBron James, who recently cracked a post as viral as it was accusing, Magic had to bang its fist on the table in the face of this terrible situation. This is what he did this Thursday on Twitter, with carefully chosen and eloquent words:

I am in agony seeing the Lakers’ game, the lack of shooting and the 0-4 record. If my Lakers don’t start shooting better, it could be a long season for us fans of the franchise.

Fan of Purple & Gold to the grave, the mythical leader therefore lives very badly the current period, during which his proteges are notably unable to register the slightest shot from afar. More generally, it is the whole attack of the team which seems seized up, which has something to pain the hub that was Johnson. The latter consoles himself despite everything by noting a positive aspect on the recent meetings:

On the other hand, Coach Ham did a very good job on the defensive aspect. We play with intensity on this side of the pitch and we are a much more athletic team than last year.

Holders of the 4th best defensive rating in the league, LeBron and his teammates therefore know what areas to work on to move up the rankings. In the meantime, their last place in the Western Conference inevitably hurts the hearts of their worshipers, including Magic, who are still hoping for a rebound from them. This will already go through a success on the Timberwolves floor, this Friday!

Devastated by the Lakers’ failed start to the season, Magic Johnson said he was in agony in the face of the offensive difficulties of Darvin Ham’s men. His creative skills probably wouldn’t hurt to put the franchise back on the right track!

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