The Lakers, already a problem with Russell Westbrook?


Russell Westbrook will be one of the most watched players next season. He is back in his hometown, and he will also have the difficult task of supporting LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the race for the title. And if the experience has not yet started, some already suspect a big problem with him …

The basketball gods are playful at times, and the many moves of the summer are the perfect example. After their particularly spicy beef a few years ago, Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid will be teammates next season, something no one would have imagined a while ago. The same goes for Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook, who have been cold since their passage in the bubble. The brother of the former Celtic was even involved on the sidelines, mad with rage Mr. Triple-Double.

This season again, their meeting was tense:

Only here, to achieve their title goal next season, the Lakers will have to find the unity that had made their strength in 2020. And this osmosis will necessarily go through a reconciliation between the two experienced leaders. Rondo was asked about it at a press conference, and his post should give all fans hope.

I’m really looking forward to being able to put all of our stories in the rearview mirror and find a common ground for the good of the team and to win a title.

Will Rondo and Westbrook be best friends? Probably not. Will they have a cordial enough relationship to allow the team to tour? There is a good chance.

It is in any case one of the keys to the success of the Lakers next season, and Lebron james will undoubtedly have an eye on his two teammates. But for Skip Bayless, rhetoric will not be enough. The two veterans are two of the most stubborn players of their generation, which promises a lot of sparks. He spoke on his show Undisputed :

Rondo has spoken, but Westbrook is still silent… Are we sure he’s going to be able to move on? Things got really bad in the bubble. For me, they are the two most stubborn players in the league. They feed on their emotions and can quickly crack. Rajon Rondo is always up for a fight, and Westbrook can leave quickly too.

Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo will be seen for all reporters during the Lakers training camp. Will they be mature enough to pass the sponge? Response in the coming weeks.


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