The Laker who rejoices over LeBron James’ injury

In principle, no one in Los Angeles has anything to celebrate about LeBron James’ injury. And yet, when you look closely, it couldn’t have been better for a specific member of the Purple and Gold! There he has the opportunity to rebuild his health.

It’s official, LeBron James to miss a week of competition for the Lakers. Terrible news for the franchise, which must once again do without its best player. Above all, this means that a short-term substitute had to be found, especially in the field of distribution. It is now done, with a recruit who will take his place alongside Russell westbrook :

Frank Vogel expects Rajon Rondo to receive minutes while LeBron is away and specifies that some of those minutes will be alongside Russ, although it is not an “ideal” line-up.

Rajon Rondo invigorated by LeBron’s absence?

For the penalty, the forced break of the King appears as a blessing in the eyes of the double champion. Indeed, Rondo was the big victim of Bron’s first return from injury, remaining stuck on the bench for three games in a row. Not really practical to improve your stats, which has dropped significantly this year (4 points and 4 assists on average). Could this be the opportunity for him to relaunch? On paper, yes.

However, in practice, it is much more complex than that. As Vogel has hinted, the duo formed by Westbrook and RR are anything but complementary, the two men not shining with their marksmanship. On top of that, there was also another reason that the ex-Celtic played so little. It’s simple, the problem came from the Brodie himself:

Russ only likes to sit for a few minutes at a time, which prevents Rondo from finding a rhythm if he only comes in for a few minutes and then is sent back to the bench.

Clearly, this does not inspire confidence. We will have to pray that the Chosen One will come back for good in a few days, because if this scenario were to repeat itself again, winning the title will quickly become very complicated.

Not fit in 2021-22, Rajon Rondo has an additional cartridge to get back into the saddle. Let’s hope for him that he shows the best, because if not, it could quickly be the end of the adventure for him.

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