The known playoff schedule

The 2022 World Series could end no later than Nov. 5 according to Major League Baseball’s playoff schedule released Monday.

The playoffs begin Oct. 7 with the first game of four best runner-up series. The second meetings will take place the next day, while the final games, if necessary, will take place on October 9. Remember that the last collective agreement paved the way for the presence of two additional teams in the playoffs.

The divisional series – which the two top-ranked clubs in each league will not participate in due to passes – will run from October 11-17 as needed. The Championship Series will follow beginning Oct. 18, with the World Series beginning Oct. 28.

Notwithstanding the change in format, it’s a similar schedule to last year, when the World Series kicked off on October 26.

Several fights to finish will take place by the end of the campaign to reach the elimination phase. In the battle for second best, the Toronto Blue Jays are notably ahead in the American League, but seven teams were separated by only three games with only four tickets available going into Monday’s games.

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