The Knicks guilty of cheating? The big punishment mentioned!

Long announced favorites in the Donovan Mitchell file, the Knicks were finally overtaken by the Cavaliers in the race to attract the star back. This could only be the beginning of their worries, since a sanction could hit New Yorkers!

As at the start of each off-season, fans began to dream of crazy transactions, and the arrival of big names capable of finally restoring the image of the franchise. One month from the Opening Night, their fantasies once again remain unfulfilled. The Knicks have indeed signed a new summer without a major recruit, capable of potentially changing the face of the team and making it a contender.

But it’s not for lack of trying. Leon Rose and his assistants notably tried everything to get their hands on New York native Donovan Mitchell. This, before throw in the towel in the face of the disproportionate demands of Jazz. Just to console themselves, they can always be satisfied with having obtained the signature of Jalen Brunson at the start of free agency. But again, this move could come back to them in the face.

The Knicks condemned for the signing of Brunson?

Report from New York Daily News specializing in the Knicks, Stefan Bondy recently raised the various issues of the New York offseason, including that of Brunson and the big controversy surrounding it. According to him, the NBA’s investigation into a potential act of tampering is still ongoing, and would have given rise to a first intervention within the franchise:

I’ve been making calls about this for weeks, so I’m not sure how up-to-date this information is, but the league is investigating, and they’ve been investigating for a little while. At least one member of the Knicks franchise has had his cell phone confiscated. It could be more, but I know that is the case for at least one of them.

However, for the time being, it would appear that Adam Silver’s deputies have not found anything wrong with the Knicks’ maneuvers. On the other hand, if that were to happen, Bondy thinks he knows the nature of the sanction that the franchise incurs:

I heard that in the worst possible scenario, the Knicks will have to write off a draft pick if the league finds out they did something illegal.

A fine similar to that received for example by the Bulls following their illegal methods to obtain the signature of Lonzo Ball. However, the league then needed four months to establish the truth in this soap opera. It could take more time with the Knicks according to Bondy… and never even follow up on a penalty:

In my opinion, we are dealing here with a big gray area. Can you tell a father not to talk to his son about his future? If I was the Knicks, I would have made Brunson come out in front of the press and say something like that.

Dreaded by New York fans since the start of the summer, the saga surrounding the controversial signing of Jalen Brunson to the Knicks may not ultimately cost the franchise so much. After all, the loss of a 2nd-round pick wouldn’t be so damaging!

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