“The kid who impressed me the most”

It was August 30, 2020: Angers – Bordeaux, 2and day of Ligue 1. We play the 81and minute of a match where the Sco passes through and Stéphane Moulin launches a UFO. At just 16 years old, Mohamed-Ali Cho becomes the first player born after the 1er January 2004 to play in the French elite. However, Stéphane Tardivel was not more surprised than that. I was not surprised to see him start so young,exposes the educator of the PSG U8s, who had Cho under his orders for a year and a half in Paris. My wife often tells me : you always talk to me about this little. It is undoubtedly the kid who marked me the most.

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During a childhood spent between England and the Paris region according to the jobs of her parents – birth in Paris, departure for London at one week, return to France between 7 and 11 years old, then return to Liverpool from 11 to 16 years old – the young Mohamed-Ali has, between 2011 and 2015, scoured the grounds of Île-de-France (and elsewhere) under the red and blue colors of the club of the capital.

Samia, his mother, tells the genesis of this…

Angers Sco. Mohamed-Ali Cho seen by his educators at Paris SG: « The kid who marked me the most »

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