The Jupiler Pro League transfer window is over, the departure door not yet closed

Several European countries can still count on the month of February, or even more, to make transfers.

In Belgium, the transfer market closed at midnight. If the Belgian clubs can no longer carry out incoming transfers, they will still be likely to lose players in the coming weeks. In some exotic countries, such as Togo or Argentina, the transfer window will close its shutters on February 2.

In Europe, several championships give themselves a little more time to do their shopping. Championships with which Belgian clubs are used to doing business.

The Austrian transfer window, for example, will close on February 6. Two days later, it will be Turkey’s turn to finalize its latest arrivals. Serbia (02/10), Switzerland (02/15) and Russia (02/22) can also continue to recruit, as can China (02/28). The MLS, whose transfer window opens on February 10, will also be one to watch after the arrival of Dante Vanzeir at the New York Red Bulls.

Finally, the threat that a Swedish (31/03) or Japanese (02/04) club will snatch a Jupiler Pro League player will continue until three days from the end of the classic phase.

Our Jupiler Pro League clubs, sometimes too busy finalizing the latest arrivals, therefore still have a little time to part with their « undesirables ».

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