The Ja Morant-Kevin Durant duel drops unheard of in history with a box!

The clash between the Nets and the Grizzlies kept all its promises this Monday evening. Memphis emerges victorious, thanks to a great duo Ja Morant / Desmond Bane. And yet, opposite, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving did what was necessary to respond. But we will have to do even more to get the upper hand on Ja’…

We were looking forward to the meeting between the Nets and the Grizzlies on Monday evening. We can say that the show was there, with a 134-124 victory for Memphis, acquired in pain. The difference was made after the break with a 45-28 run for the teammates of Ja Morant. The latter just splashed the part of his talent with no less than 38 points, just like Desmond Bane.

The particularity of the back? He had only 6 points at halftime, before dropping 32 in the second.

A historic clash between the Nets and the Grizzlies

Opposite, we cannot say that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving missed their match. Both men finish with 37 units each, but it’s not enough to take the victory over the Grizzlies. Still, this part will be historic according to analyst Justin Kubatko, who evokes a great first in the history of the NBA. Not bad at all…

4 players over 35 points tonight between Nets/Grizzlies. Ja Morant, 38 points. Desmond Bane, 38 points. Kevin Durant, 37 points. Kyrie Irving, 37 points. It’s the first time in a non-overtime game in NBA history that 4 players have recorded at least 35 units.

A very prolific match, partly thanks to the monster Morant. A few days after his 49 points, the leader continues his work to carry his in this Western conference. And it’s far from over:

The duel Ja Morant against Kevin Durant has kept all its promises, to the delight of the fans. However, it’s still a defeat for the Nets, unable to dominate since the resumption. That’s another thing for the Grizzlies. Long live revenge…

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