the Italian federation threatens Juventus with exclusion from Serie A

The Super League is not quite dead. Launched in the spring of last year, this project had suffered the wrath of supporters, especially English, and European authorities. Since then, only FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus have not officially given up. The threat remains high as the three surviving clubs are considering a new formula, even going so far as to risk sanctions. Italian FA president Gabriele Gravina speaks bluntly about an expulsion of the Old Lady from Serie A.

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“The Super League is still only a hypothesis, a project. If this were to happen, Juventus would be excluded from the Italian championship. The Super League is the wrong answer to a real need. Italy must also think about how to improve the quality of its championship and make it more attractive in expanding markets such as Saudi Arabia.explains the leader to the Repubblica. Andrea Agnelli, boss of Juventus and one of the leaders of this project, knows what he exposes his club to.

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