The invention of this former high school student from Caen is a revolution on the golf greens

Runner golf club
The Runner, putter designed by Simon Linot, allows the player to refine his striking angle. ©DR

The innovation imagined by Simon Linot constitutes a small revolution in the world of golf. Particularly on the greens, this area of ​​impeccably mown grass in the middle of which the hole is located. « I was inspired by what already existed on drives, clubs that allow shots of 250 to 300 meters, to adapt it to the putter », explains the 32-year-old young man, former student of Laplace high school in Caen (Calvados). This club is used to finalize the shot, and send the ball down the hole.

“A real mechanic”

Simon Linot’s invention consists of a counterweight system, located at the back of the club, which allows the player to correct and accompany his movement. “The putt needs to be confident, assures the one who has been teasing the little white ball since the age of 5, in the wake of an American uncle who is a professional in the discipline. With my system, the player can set his own settings”.

Designer in the automotive sector, Simon Linot took advantage of the period of confinement, in 2021, to develop this personal project. After the design phase, came the design phase. Theoretical first. « By confronting myself with high-level players, I said to myself that there was something to do, » he says. His meeting with Karin Warin and her company Postatem gave him the opportunity to create his start-up, called Runner and based in Colleville-Montgomery, then to launch the production of his new generation putter. Unlike a classic club, made in a mould, the Runner is machined.

It is made of a durable alloy, based on aluminum, used in aeronautics. It’s a real meccano: it is made up of 11 parts – compared to one to three for a traditional putter – which allows the player’s progress to be monitored.

Simon Linot, creator of the Runner putter

Depending on the feelings of the user, the angle of strike of the ball can thus be modified, for better efficiency.

An award at the world’s largest trade fair

The Runner’s adventure got a big boost in January 2022. Simon Linot had decided to present a prototype of his putter at the PGA Show, the biggest show for golf professionals, in Orlando, in Florida. “I found myself doing the “pitch” of my invention in front of a jury of three people, at 8:45 in the morning, for one minute, remembers the former student of the Laplace high school in Caen, option applied arts. There were about fifty start-ups, and I won a prize. It brought some legitimacy.” Just like the approval of the utensil by the R&A (Editor’s note: Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint-Andrews, in Scotland, the institution which sets the rules of this sport), a few months later, which authorizes the pros to use it in competition.

Simon Linot Runner Golf
Simon Linot received a prize for this innovation at the PGA Show in Orlando (Florida). ©DR

Pre-orders multiply at the start of the next school year, so much so that the native Trouvillais decides to leave his job to devote himself to his start-up.

Finally, I continue to work two days a week in the automotive industry, but my goal is to move full-time to Runner. I want to continue to create and innovate in the field of golf.

Simon Linot, creator of the Runner putter

A workshop in Deauville

Again present at the PGA Show in Orlando, at the end of January 2023, Runner is also presenting new club models, as well as a partnership with a Japanese company. It has developed an application for smartphones, which analyzes the player’s movement when putting, and thus calibrates the golfer’s future club as well as possible. The putter, whose manufacture is now industrialized, will then be assembled in Runner’s workshop in Deauville. « It is located near the Newgolf Barrière, so that players can go and test their club on the greens », specifies Simon Linot. Hoping to go below par.

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