The infuriating revelation of Zion Williamson

After having already missed 59 games in his first two NBA campaigns, Zion Williamson will not have played a single one this season. An observation on which he returned recently, delivering a frustrating statement for him and the fans of the Pelicans.

Initially, he was simply to miss the pre-season after his foot surgery suffered during the summer. Then, his return to competition was pushed back, again and again, to the point of never actually happening. Already much criticized for his physical fragility in the past, Zion Williamson has not stopped this dynamic this season, which he will therefore have spent in its entirety in the infirmary.

Without him, the Pelicans surprisingly did quite well. Adrift at the start of the season, Willie Green’s men were able to reverse the trend, to finally secure their place in the playoffs via the play-in tournament. However, some wonder what New Orleans would have been capable of with Zion in uniform, including in the first round series against the Suns. The last outing of the main interested party may therefore not please them.

Zion Williamson did, but restrained by the Pelicans?

Discreet in recent months in the media, Williamson finally confronted them following the elimination of his team a few days ago. The opportunity for him to deliver a sharp speech on his future with the Pels, but also to give news of his physique. A bit bitter, the young big man admitted to having tried to come back until the last moment… but to have been restrained by his superiors!

Zion said he felt ready enough to play but his team, coaching staff and front office decided playing the longevity card was the best thing for him.

To tell the truth, it could already be guessed at the sight of the different viral sequences that Zion has offered us on the courts these last weeks. And yet, his coaches decided not to try everything for everything with him.

If they had wished, they could very well have taken the risk of playing him against Phoenix, and why not contribute to an unexpected return to this series. Nevertheless, they preferred to be cautious, and focus on his health for the coming seasons. A choice that can be completely understood given the potential displayed by the roster with him, but which could still leave regrets for Zanos and his fans!

Convinced of being able to make his return before the end of the Pelicans season, Zion Williamson was finally called upon to bite the bullet. Let’s hope he thanks his coaches for this choice in a few years, if it prevents him from chaining injuries in the future!

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