The « inevitable » franchise that can recruit Donovan Mitchell at any time!

Donovan Mitchell is officially tradeable to the Jazz side. The franchise isn’t necessarily going to take action, but it’s listening to offers about its star. If the right one comes along, we could go on another blockbuster trade. A franchise already seems designated to upset the market concerning Spida.

It may be the end of the Jazz side, with the departure of Rudy Gobert at the beginning of this month of July. But the cleanup isn’t over in Salt Lake City, as Donovan Mitchell could be next. There’s no offer yet, but Utah opens the door and listen to opposing proposals. What to remember for now? That Spida is not untouchable. Enough to confirm that the front office would not say no to a total reconstruction.

The very offensive team for Donovan Mitchell

Among the interested franchises? For the moment, no name has leaked, but we imagine that the Heat or the Knicks are not very far away. It is precisely the second quoted which is starting to make the buzz according to Brian Windhorst. According to the ESPN insider, New York is almost certain to take action in the coming days. After all, the franchise has the arguments to validate the exchange.

The Knicks have 8 first round draft picks to trade, and need a star like Donovan Mitchell. Some people think it’s inevitable… We’re going to hear a lot about Mitchell and the Knicks in the days to come.

If a trade is obviously not acquired, we can think that the Knicks will soon contact the Jazz, if it has not already been done. A deal is possible, but how badly does New York want Spida? We will find out very quickly.

With young people and a lot of draft rounds, the Knicks have what it takes to validate this trade. But that doesn’t mean the front office is ready for anything, as confirmed by Ian Begley. In New York, there is already someone untouchable:

The New York Knicks have no interest in trading RJ Barrett.

The Knicks have been eyeing Donovan Mitchell for some time, but it will all depend on the price for the Jazz guard. If the consideration is too high, everything suggests that Spida will return for another season in Utah. But for how long ? A departure seems inevitable, sooner or later.

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