The IndyCar Series will have 2 days of testing in Palm Springs

In 2023, the IndyCar Series will organize three private test sessions, the first will begin in early February in Palm Springs, California in a spa resort club.

This club located outside of Palm Springs, which extends over 190 hectares opened its doors in 2012 and has a circuit intended for Tracks Days.

The IndyCar Series in Palm Springs for testing

The IndyCar Series will use a combination of the North Palm and South Palm circuits to create a 17-turn, 2-mile course for testing in 2023.

“Teams will do whatever it takes to prepare for a 2023 championship race in a new and unique setting for the NTT INDYCAR SERIES. The facility is spectacular, and I know everyone at Thermal Club is looking forward to it. ‘welcome our paddock’ said Jay Frye, president of INDYCAR.

Located at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains and known as the ultimate destination for drive-conscious motorsports enthusiasts, The Thermal Club offers everything from luxury homes to a motorsports village and gourmet restaurants. The facility was recognized as the « Professional Motorsport Facility of the Year » at the 2017 Professional Motorsport World Exhibition in Germany.

« For us, that means every IndyCar fan is going to get a taste of the best cars in the world at what we believe is the best circuit in the world. »said John Rogers, owner, The Thermal Club. « It’s a wonderful thing, and we are very happy to have this contract between the IndyCar Series and the Thermal Club. »

Among the other tests of the year 2023, there is the one in Indianapolis in order to prepare for the Indy 500, which will be on Thursday April 20 and Friday April 21. The very last test of the 2023 season will take place at Laguna Seca, three days before the final on this same circuit, these tests will take place on Thursday, September 7.

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