The incredible photo of Victor Wembanyama (2m21) with Ambre Godillon (1m60)!

When he is not martyring the basketball hoops, Victor Wembanyama spends part of his time closely following the performance of PSG. He was therefore at the Parc des Princes this Sunday evening for the « Classic », against OM. Even before the start of the festivities, the Frenchman did not go unnoticed in this shot with journalist Ambre Godillon.

Back in France for some time now, after two crazy performances in Las Vegas, Victor Wembanyama still hopes to vibrate with the Metropolitans 92. He was also a hit on Saturday night against Le Mans (review its highlights), all this to offer victory to his team in a rather incredible meeting. But his weekend was still far from over.

Big fan of PSG, Wemby made the trip to the Parc des Princes this Sunday evening. As a supporter, there is no question for him of missing the Classic against OM: the meeting that you must not lose during the year. And Neymar made sure that didn’t happen with a goal before the end of the first half. Final victory 1-0 for the men of Christophe Galtier, and therefore ahead of the great Victor.

Victor Wembanyama still huge!

But just to play the game, Wembanyama did not come as a simple spectator. He also took the time to go on PSG TV to talk a little basketball, but especially football with his love for PSG. Journalist Ambre Godillon took the opportunity to take a photo with her meter 60 alongside the Mets player (2m21). You can imagine that there is a (slight) difference in size.

If some still doubted it, yes Victor is big enough. To the point that everyone passes for a little one by his side, even Rudy Gobert, his future opponent on the NBA courts. Not very practical for the photos certainly, but ideal for punishing the opposing defenses and martyring the circle. It’s not the Mets who are going to complain…

Passing through the Parc des Princes, we imagine that Victor Wembanyama did not pass unnoticed with its mere presence. Ambre Godillon took the opportunity to immortalize this moment, because it is not every day that we meet a person exceeding 2m20 after all. It’s still impressive to see…

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