The incredible madness of Michael Jordan at the casino


Passionate about gambling and gambling of all genres, Michael Jordan has never really hidden his passion (or even his addiction) in this area. There is no shortage of anecdotes on the subject, and former baseball player Mark Grace told a rather mind-blowing one…

For three decades and the revelation of his trip to Atlantic City in the middle of the NBA Finals, Michael Jordan a reputation as a huge bettor, addicted to gambling. Achilles’ heel for some and an integral part of the character for others, MJ knows that opinions differ on this « passion », which allows him to satisfy his desire for adrenaline and competitiveness. No matter: he has the money to indulge in it and does not intend to stop, even if his fiercest years are behind him.

Michael Jordan, privatized floor and burst gains

It was indeed in the 1990s that the number 23 was the most frequent in casinos. In this regard, former Chicago Cubs player Mark Grace recently revealed a somewhat surreal anecdote, which illustrates well the crazy lifestyle that Jordan could have at the time. Narrative.

Grace says his parents came to visit him one day in Chicago, and he decided to go on a casino boat with them. This casino had 3 levels, and the 2nd floor, reserved for blackjack, was completely closed.

“There were at least 70 blackjack tables on this ship and absolutely none were open…except one. And Michael Jordan was sitting there playing.”

Jordan was the only player on the entire floor, and he was alone. Grace spoke to a few bodyguards to see if he could go say hello and introduce his parents, which he did. And it turns out that MJ was heating up the bank.

“I walk in, and he had huge stacks of 50s and 100s. He had colors that I had never seen before. Stacks of 5,000 or 10,000 balls, large whole stacks”.

Grace greeted Jordan and they chatted for a bit. Then he and his parents watched in silence.

« I stayed maybe 20 moves, and out of the 20 moves he probably won 18. He was betting thousands and thousands of dollars, $10,000 to $50,000 a hand, and he was winning almost every time! » I was looking at that and thinking, ‘Wow, it’s cool to have this life.

This is sure to add to the mystique around Michael Jordan’s crazy money nights…

Closing an entire casino floor to gamble gargantuan sums? Welcome to the daily life of Michael Jordan at his peak. A hell of a life indeed…


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