The incredible feat of a Clipper: « He had a 1 in 28 million chance of success »

It is often said that to succeed at the highest level you need talent, but also a little luck. A Clippers player has undeniably the two. The proof, during the last game against the Mavericks, a holder achieved a feat that he had a one in 28 million chance of accomplishing!

Whenever the Clippers and Mavericks go head to head, the show is on the cards. The scenario of the last meeting on Tuesday has for example totally returned a euphoric Nicolas Batum in front of his TV, he who is affected by COVID. And in that high-tension game, Reggie Jackson stood out with two pretty lunar back-to-back actions.

Reggie Jackson pulls off an almost impossible feat

Wedging the ball against the board is amazing enough, especially on a layup, but doing it twice in a row and perhaps never before in NBA history. And that is explained, because statistically, it is almost impossible! A journalist had fun calculating the probability of such a series of events happening, and we far exceed the chance in 20 million.

There have been exactly 47,075 shots taken in the NBA this season and 9 wedgies, which means that every shot has a 1 in 5,230 chance of getting stuck between the board and the circle. So the odds of a player hitting two wedgies in a row is 1 in 28 million.

Without knowing it, Reggie Jackson has achieved something historic and which will not happen for a long time in the NBA … Unfortunately, these two failures allowed the Mavericks to take off in overtime and win. The leader would undoubtedly exchange this unusual moment for victory, especially when we know the rivalry that exists between these two franchises.

He can still take comfort in telling himself that he has achieved something more difficult than all those improbable shots.

To succeed in such an improbable streak it takes a hell of a lot of luck … or rather a hell of a lot of bad luck when you see the outcome of the meeting for the Clippers. But in a few years he will forget without doubt the result to focus on the feat.

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