The incomprehensible stat of Steph Curry on Christmas Day!


Determined to get the better of the Suns, Steph Curry was in good shape on Christmas Day. The proof ? This great first in his career, almost incomprehensible for the leader.

In trouble for a few days, especially since his record, Steph curry is finding its rhythm. After 46 points in the week, the point guard was invaluable for Christmas Day, against Phoenix. At the arrival ? 33 points, for 10/27 in shooting, including 5/16 in three points. It’s not his biggest percentage in his career, but it makes the difference.

Because if we add his 6 assists, 4 rebounds, 3 interceptions and a differential of +24, we better understand the impact of the Chef in this part. The Dubs took the victory and that is still the most important, especially with the end of the year approaching. Without Klay Thompson, Steve Kerr’s men continue.

Steph Curry keeps his word against the Suns

Before the match, Curry had promised to shine in this meeting. Why this one? Because the leader has always had difficulties during Christmas games. We have the confirmation with this crazy statistic concerning Steph, enough to surprise a lot of fans.

First game in career over 20 points on Christmas Day.

Curry has played 9 times in total on December 25 in his career, but has never exceeded 20 points, until Saturday. A stat hardly credible, but which illustrates the problems of the leader on this fateful day. At least this series is over, and number 30 did it with the way:

Between Steph Curry and Christmas Day, that’s not it, but the Chief rectified the situation against the Suns. Proof of its current form, which is sure to make Warriors and fans smile. Better ? It is far from over.


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