the incidents of the Stade de France trigger the anger of the English



Champions League: Stade de France incidents trigger the anger of the English
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The Champions League, Saturday, May 28, was transcribed in mondovision, hence the impact of the mess on the front page of the international media. The British government is calling for an official investigation by UEFA.

The British press wonders about the French disorganization near the Stade de France (Seine-Saint-Denis) on the occasion of the Champions League final, Saturday June 28. The tabloid The Sun renamed the sports arena on Sunday the « Stuffing Stadium » and evoked a « carnage« . As to Daily Telegraphhe is indignant that the French police have used tear gas against supporters.

The journalist Matthieu Boisseau, live from London (United Kingdom), recalls, however, that « England also regularly experience security problems with their supporters [et] in the stadiums« . However, regarding the events that occurred on Saturday evening, « on this side of the Channel, it is believed that the responsibility lies with the French disorganization, and the aggressive behavior of the police« , reports the journalist. The Liverpool club and the British government have asked for an investigation to be opened.

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