The important disagreement between Steph Curry and Steve Kerr!

The Warriors may shine with their 15-2 record, a disagreement exists within the team, and it opposes Steve Kerr to Steph Curry. The latter spoke about the situation, and believes he is not yet used to all this.

With a 15-2 record, the Warriors are the fittest team to start the season. Everything rolls for Steve Kerr’s men, with a Steph Curry in great shape, a Draymond Green who shines in defense, and finally an Otto Porter who brings a lot off the bench. On arrival, the result is impressive, even if we are curious to see if this rhythm can continue for a long time.

Currently it is, but there are always things to watch out for. For example, Klay Thompson is due to arrive next month, raising some questions about his return. The Dubs will do precisely faced with an important dilemma, which could change things in the future.

Steph Curry unhappy with his playing time?

While waiting for the continuation, Kerr still has to settle a detail with Curry. Used to playing the first and third quarters entirely, his coach decided to change his habits. Sometimes the leader will come out halfway through 3rd QT, to come back at the end or the start of 4QT. Not easy, especially since Kerr does not take into account the chef’s hot spells.

Steph explained that he was not yet 100% comfortable with this rotation system. He said there are times when he starts to pick up his pace, but needs to be replaced in the middle of a quarter.

That’s what they said, Kerr prefers to keep the basics and stick to it, rather than take the physiognomy of the match into account. On Wednesday night, the game against the Sixers could have been folded earlier if Steph hadn’t come out, which he shouldn’t really understand. Like what, there are still things to improve.

Steph Curry is having an incredible season, but all is not yet perfect for him. His rotation is clearly not ideal, and a discussion may take place with Steve Kerr. The goal is clear: to leave the leader on the floor, especially when he is on fire.

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