The Imagine Institute is giving away a Ferrari to raise funds dedicated to genetic diseases

Until October 22, the Imagine Institute, the world’s leading center for research, care and education on genetic diseases, is organizing a contest with a very big prize.

A prestigious prize for advancing research. The Imagine institute, which specializes in genetic diseases and located on the campus of the Necker-Enfants Malades hospital in Paris, is offering to win a Ferrari Roma during a large raffle entitled « Le Grand Prix Imagine ».

Until October 22, tickets are on sale from 5 euros for a chance to drive this racing car. The car was generously donated by a donor, the institute said.

30,000 new cases every year

All the funds raised will be used to advance research on genetic diseases, the leading cause of child mortality in France, and « change the lives of families who are affected by these diseases », according to the institute.

In France, three million people are affected by these diseases and nearly 30,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. With one difficulty: there are more than 8000 different diseases, linked to the immune system, neurodevelopment, blood, kidneys or even birth defects.

In addition, five new diseases are discovered each month and only 10% of those affected have a treatment.

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