the hydrogen racing car by students

Last week, the team of students from the Dutch university TU Delft presented its ninth prototype fuel cell racing car. The Forze IX, for indicates the number 9, is powered by hydrogen.

Forze IX, a collaboration between Hyundai and TU Delft students

The Forze Hydrogen Racing team’s new prototype hydrogen racing car has just been born. The ninth in the Forze series will simply be called Forze IX. As a reminder, this team is made up of young Dutch students from the TU Delft university.

This team of young people carried out the design and conception of the car. Their objective is to promote fuel cell mobility powered by hydrogen. For this, she will compete the Forze IX in electric vehicle racing competitions.

In the process, the manufacturer hyundai announced its collaboration with Forze Hydrogen Racing. The South Korean manufacturer will support the project with the help of engineers from Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC). This team helped in the development of the Hyundai NEXO.

The success of this project will lead to proving that hydrogen racing cars have nothing to envy to their current counterparts. Moreover, the team had already demonstrated the capabilities of the Forze by obtaining a podium in the Sport category, during the Supercar Challenge at the Assen circuit.

Hydrogen, not electric

The new Forze IX is a step up for students. Indeed, it embeds better technologies to compete with current racing cars. However, the same principle remains applied: the hydrogen molecules contained in the tank react with the oxygen in the fuel cells to produce water and electricity. This will power the electric motor.

The car can reach a peak of 800 horsepower thanks to a system of dual fuel cells and a super battery. The combination of these elements gives an instant boost to the engine.

During the promotion of the Forze IX at Scheveningen Pier, the team announces a top speed of 300 km/h, and can reach 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. The Forze IX would be the fastest fuel cell car. Besides, she should have a test with Porsche and Lamborghini on the Dutch circuit of Zandvoort.

For the rest of its characteristics we have a vehicle weighing 1500 kg, with a power of 321 horsepower and a peak at 805 horsepower. The Forze IX has all-wheel drive.

The era of electric racing cars is beginning to dawn. We already have the hybrid system in the World Rally Championship and Formula 1. The alternative to hydrogen could be a serious track for motor racing to achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions.

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