The Hungaroring circuit still has a lot of work to do if it wants to please F1

The Formula 1 World Championship calendar has been in a major upheaval for many years. New circuits are gradually taking the place of old historical routes because they benefit from infrastructures more in phase with the requirements of the discipline but above all allow to reach a new public. To keep its place on the calendar, the infrastructure of the Hungaroring will be renovated.

2 new buildings

The promoter of the Hungarian Grand Prix recognizes that it is necessary to modernize the infrastructures which have not undergone any major change since 2016. Two buildings will see the light of day. A space reserved for circuit customers and a café will be created, these two new buildings will be connected by a bridge. The drinking water network as well as other elements necessary for the operation of the circuit will be modernized.

“Nor have we rested on our laurels over the past period: our track has undergone numerous renovations, we have worked constantly to meet new safety requirements. » he admits.

“We built an anti-debris fence, we maintained the stands and in 2016 we redid all the asphalt of the circuit, more precisely the top layer. » Says Zsolt Gyulay, the CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt in a press release.

A strategic development program will make major changes to the facilities near the circuit in order to continue to attract Formula 1 and to be able to meet these ever-increasing demands.

“Thanks to the development programme, we will be able to compete with them in a reasonable time, which will allow us to keep Formula 1 here and thus bring attention to our country and our beautiful capital year after year. »

The 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix already sold out

Yet despite this lack of facilities, Hungarian F1 fans and neighboring countries continue to show interest in the Hungarian Grand Prix. The circuit will indeed be sold out since all the tickets have already been sold.

“There is a growing demand for traditional circuits like the Hungarian GP, ​​and the proximity to Budapest will always be an additional source of interest for the Hungaroring. »

100,000 people will come to watch the race on Sunday. The circuit is already complete despite the creation of a new grandstand.

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