The humiliating hashtag on Westbrook that ignites the networks

Russell Westbrook is reaching a point of no return with the Lakers. Arrived with great fanfare this summer, the leader is struggling to regain his level and integrate into Frank Vogel’s collective. After another game catastrophic, he found himself trending on Twitter with a humiliating hashtag.

The Lakers weren’t really expecting such a season when they decided to bring in Russell westbrook of Washington in an XXL trade. Remember this arrival with a bang, after another year ended with a triple-double average in the American capital, which prompted all the most eminent specialists to make Purple and Gold the big favorites for the title…

Russell Westbrook at the Lakers would be DANGEROUS for the NBA!!! They would immediately become favorites for the title!

“Trade Westbrook” trending on Twitter

But after half a contested season in his hometown, it is clear that the results are disappointing. Like last season, the Lakers have to fight to play in the play-in, which is unworthy of this « favorite » status, and the leader’s performances are all too often catastrophic… This Wednesday on the Kings’ floor, for example, he was totally humiliated in the game, since left alone at 3 points by his opponents, who begged him to shoot from behind the bow.

Yes Lebron james plays his role as captain perfectly and that he has supported his leader after this terrible defeat, fans don’t have that patience and they make it known on social media. Indeed, and this is not the first time this season, the Laker Nation has trended the hashtag “Trade Westbrook” on Twitter. Some need to vent their frustration, and others are simply laughing at the misfortune of the most successful franchise in history.

Lakers would do well to limit damage and trade Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant and James Harden who see « Westbrick » and « Trade Westbrook » trending after each Lakers loss.

After every Lakers loss it’s a ritual, fans and trolls flock to Twitter so they can take on Russell Westbrook. Luckily, the point guard isn’t the most active on social media, he must not even be aware of this trend.

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