The huge trade that would send Anthony Davis to the Warriors!

NBA A trade from Anthony Davis to the Warriors?

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Often injured and attracting more and more the wrath of the fans, Anthony Davis could not make old bones on the side of the Lakers. An XXL exchange would also see him go… to Golden State, to Stephen Curry & co. ! Enough to cause an earthquake across the league.

A few players have come to swell their ranks, including Patrick Beverley, but the Lakers do not really seem better equipped than last year to fight for the title. The hard core remains the same as in 2021-22, and we have seen what it has given… The logical solution would be to let go of one of the superstars in place, and that is what they have been trying to do for weeks with Russell Westbrook. But because of his catastrophic season, the Brodie scared more than one.

Suddenly, failing to be able to get rid of the 2017 MVP, it is another member of the Big Three who finds himself embroiled in transfer rumours: Anthony Davis. The interior remains on two campaigns truncated by injuries (less than 45 games played each time) and his repeated absences annoy more and more in the City of Angels. Given his performance when he is healthy, he could attract a lot more people and we were talking about an interest from the Sunssometime ago.

AD trade for Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga?

However, if the Cactus have not really pushed for The Brow for the moment, it is another franchise of the Pacific division which could then grill their politeness. The website Heavy recently suggested that the Warriors could take a chance on the former Pelican. This would allow them to get rid of Andrew Wiggins, whose long-term retention seems impossible, as well as Jonathan Kuminga who would leave after barely a year in the Bay:


By making such a move, the Dubs would offer themselves a mind-blowing Big Four potential, since AD ​​would join Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in San Francisco. The duo that he could form in the racket with the latter is also enough to make your mouth water, provided that the big man remains in good health. The loss of Kuminga would be a shame because he had shown great things as a rookie, but the disturbing latest information about him could push GS to use its rating now.

That being said, if Los Angeles would thus say goodbye to the one who was originally to take over from LeBron James, coach Darvin Ham would get two players much less fragile than Davis. Ultra-precious last year in the quest for the title, Wiggins would be a superb reinforcement on the wings, his profile as a two-way player sticking perfectly to the needs of the team, especially as he is skilful behind the arc . His association with the King would logically be closely monitored, while waiting to see if the Purples and Golds would manage to sign him in the long term.

Anthony Davis sent to the Warriors against Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga is the blockbuster trade that could shake up the league before competition resumes. That being said, we have to see if the Dubs really want to make such a transfer, they who have a well-oiled group.

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