The huge trade that would land Rudy Gobert at the Warriors!

Rudy Gobert could say goodbye to Utah this summer, and several franchises are on the lookout to acquire his services. Golden State is regularly mentioned, not without reason since the Californians would already have a ready counterpart. Enough to facilitate an XXL exchange?

While Luka Doncic was absent until Game 4, the Jazz did not really know how to jump at the chance to take the advantage in the first round against the Mavs. Currently, the two franchises are tied (2-2) and Quin Snyder’s men are preparing to play a crucial away game. The pressure is great for them, because they have not met expectations for a while and another failure could explode the workforce in place during the offseason.

In this case, Rudy Gobert could also be the first affected by the upheavals to come. Completely snubbed by his teammates in the playoffs (5 shots on average), the French pivot has been in transfer rumors for several weeks now. For some observers, it will be him who will be sent elsewhere rather than Donovan Mitchell. The triple DPOY wants more responsibility up front, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon for the Mormons.

Rudy Gobert traded against Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman?

Among the main landing points mentioned for n°27, we find Dallas and especially the Warriors, who have been looking for a dominant 5 position for a few years now. The advantage with the Dubs is that they are able to match the salary of the Habs (170 million over 4 years) without having to send half of their workforce in return. Andrew Wiggins (more than 30 million per season) serves as their main bargaining chip, to which they could include two young shoots from the roster:

  • The Warriors receive : Rudy Gobert
  • The Jazz receives : Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman

On paper, both franchises would gain something from it, although Utah would leave a lot in terms of defense in the key.

On the other hand, the Maple Jordan would bring a lot in this area on the wings, and it is not trivial since Donovan Mitchell is often singled out for his largesse in his half of the field. Kuminga would be a useful addition to the bench, while J-Wise could replace Gobzilla as center, provided he remains healthy. What also gives financial flexibility, especially in the case of the last two cities who are in their rookie contract.

On the Golden State side, it would be an opportunity to form one of the most waterproof rackets in the league, with the Frenchy and Draymond Green. Ironic, since the two men have been in open conflict for a long time, but the collective ambitions could help overcome their differences. The Californians would thus obtain a real totem under the circle, the kind of extremely useful X factor in the race for the title. The native of Saint-Quentin would finally have the opportunity to get a ring.

A trade from Rudy Gobert to the Warriors is a scenario that is gaining momentum and seems less and less impossible. We will have to closely monitor the rest of the playoffs for the Jazz, because it could dictate the rest of the career of the triple DPOY.

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