The huge rumor that changes everything in the Zion Williamson file

The Pelicans continue their good end to the season, with a new victory obtained this Wednesday against Portland. At the same time, an update delivered by a New Orleans insider about Zion Williamson could trigger a real frenzy among fans!

At this rate, they will quickly get rid of their first two pursuers in the standings, and secure their place in the play-in. The Pelicans never stop winning these days, and therefore getting closer to qualifying for the postseason. This Wednesday, they even pocketed a 5th victory in their last 7 games by winning on the floor of the Blazers (117-107).

Once is not custom, it was CJ McCollum who sounded the charge for New Orleans with 25 points, well supported by Brandon Ingram (19 points), Jonas Valanciunas (19 points, 11 rebounds) and Jaxson Hayes (18 points ). A vision that delighted a certain Zion Williamsonpresent on the bench of the team to encourage his teammates… and who could why not help them on the floor in the near future!

Imminent return for Zion Williamson?!

For the past few days, the hypothesis evoking a possible return to competition for Zion this season has been making its way more and more in the microcosm of the Pels. And that’s not going to fade following the latest indiscretion released by Mikie Mahtook in his podcast Mik’d Upand relayed by The Pelicans Reportgenerally reliable in its information related to the franchise.

Our sources tell us that he was supposed to play 3-vs-3 matches, but he skipped that stage, and started playing 5-vs-5 in training and competition matches. exhibition. The Pelicans are on a road trip. What our source tells us is that once they get back to New Orleans, Zion Williamson will be playing basketball again. He will be activated for the playoffs, and should play again this season, possibly as early as next week.

Already quite enthusiastic about the recent form of their proteges, New Orleans fans are likely to exult a little more by learning such news. This obviously remains to be taken with a grain of salt, but coincides with the recent news of Williamson. The fact that he accompanies his partners on their road trip was already a very encouraging signal regarding his health.

Therefore, it could therefore be that the 21-year-old golgoth finds playing time at the very end of the regular season, and approaches the play-in tournament with an ounce of rhythm, in which he could play an important role. In this case, Willie Green and his deputies will have to hope that his reintegration into the group and the rotation will not disrupt the NOLA machine, which is running at full speed or almost currently!

Positive speeches follow one another about Zion Williamson, and even now announce its possible recovery next week. It’s definitely good to be a Pelicans fan these days!

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