The huge earthquake the Spurs are preparing for

More really at the top of the Western Conference, the Spurs are experiencing a turning point in the history of the franchise. Unfortunately, this is not over yet, as leaders are bracing for a massive earthquake, which is expected to happen in a year or two.

After years of fighting for the title with a memorable Big 3, Spurs have not escaped rebuilding. The franchise has tried to grab the playoffs each time, with DeMar DeRozan in particular, but it is impossible to beat the competition. So when the rear left this summer, we realized that things were going to change in Texas.

With players like Dejounte Murray, Lonnie Walker and Derrick White, San Antonio hopes to reach some potential in the West next year. However, it will be difficult to hope for much, especially when we see the contenders for the playoffs. The reconstruction is here, and it will not necessarily be beautiful to see.

Spurs are already preparing for Gregg Popovich’s departure

It must be said that the results are not the only source of concern in San Antonio. The other is the possible departure of Gregg Popovich, who is gradually leaning towards retirement according to some sources. Journalist Jordan Schultz has just confirmed it, since a departure within one to two years is mentioned.

Spurs are preparing for Gregg Popovich’s retirement within a year or two.

Of course, no confirmation on the subject. If the Pop decides to leave in a few years, then it will be necessary to be patient to discover the continuation. The coach will never confirm it, even if we imagine that he will have a comment to make on this « rumor ». What is certain is that he is closer to retirement than to the start of his career.

At 72, Popovich will leave a great career behind him no matter what, with incredible success at Spurs. We do not yet know what goal he sets before leaving, but bringing the franchise back to the playoffs, given its current state, would already be a great reward.

For Gregg Popovich, retirement is not necessarily very far away. Spurs are preparing for it, as are the fans. So before that happens, consider taking advantage of the coach as much as possible.

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