The huge blunder of an American presenter on the arrival of Lionel Messi


Invited to speak on the arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami, a Fox News presenter released a huge blunder live.

This is called planting oneself in beauty. This Saturday morning, American journalist Brian Kilmeade made an astonishing statement that sparked many laughs and mockeries on social networks. Asked to speak on the arrival of Lionel Messi in MLS and his prospect of failure at Inter Miami, the Fox News presenter surprised everyone by talking nonsense and ridiculing himself by trying to refer to David Beckham. A huge live blunder that he tried to minimize.

A huge blunder live

The arrival of Lionel Messi in MLS has aroused mad enthusiasm in a country that has been slipping more and more into football madness in recent years. Although considered a decisive moment in the history of the American championship, it also raises questions for some who are surprised at its ability to adapt. It’s these kinds of startling thoughts that prompted Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade to launch into a completely failed comparison. A live blunder that many now laugh at.

Considering the Argentine’s talent was making the case for him, the American journalist issued a rather astonishing reservation considering that Lionel Messi doesn’t speak English. False information since if the Pulga is not fully bilingual, he speaks full English. Worse still, Kilmeade didn’t stop there: “He doesn’t speak English, that worries me. I hope he will be like David Beckham who learned to speak English for us. Yes, he had an accent but he made the effort. » Obviously, the American presenter seems to be unaware that the English speak English. It did not take more than Twitter to laugh cheerfully at him.


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