The huge All-Time record set by Damian Lillard!

Monstrous in Game 5, Damian Lillard could not do anything this Thursday evening to prevent the elimination of the Blazers. Despite this, the point guard took a new All-Time record. Respect.

Determined to take the Blazers as far as possible during these playoffs, Damian Lillard released a big series when it comes to facing the Nuggets. But was an exploit possible, especially with a relatively weak roster? The answer is no, since Denver took the upper hand for the last time this Thursday night: 126-115.

It is therefore the franchise of Colorado which qualifies for the next round, eliminating the gang at Lillard. The latter however did the necessary, with 28 points at 8/20 shooting in this Game 6. Too lonely, the leader could not hope for much.

However, Dame comes out with a few records in her pockets. Like Game 5 and his impressive three-point heatstroke, the All-Star has just seized an All-Time record behind the arc, at the same time flushing out Donovan Mitchell, who had achieved this feat last year, against the Nuggets.

35 three points achieved in this series, playoff record.

This will not change the outcome of the series, but it is another statistic also to measure the enormous performance of Lillard:

Damian Lillard became the fourth player in NBA history with 200 points and 60 assists in a series of playoffs, joining LeBron James, Jerry West and Oscar Robertson.

Lillard is the only one to have accomplished this in 6 games.

Nice series from Damian Lillard, who has little to be ashamed of for the Blazers. Another complicated summer for Portland is approaching, and important choices will have to be made to better surround the star.

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