The heavily sanctioned Petty GMS Racing

The heavily sanctioned Petty GMS Racing

At Pocono Raceway, Petty GMS Racing was heavily sanctioned with two L1 penalties associated with suspensions.

Black Saturday for Petty GMS Racing at Pocono Raceway on the sidelines of the twenty-first of the season in the NASCAR Cup Series, since the team was heavily sanctioned for both the No. 42 team of Ty Dillon and for the stable n°43 of Erik Jones.

For the two teams it is a withdrawal of 35 points from the drivers and owners classifications, as well as an exclusion of the team leaders, Jerame Donley and Dave Elenz for the race this Sunday. The reason, an infraction of article 14.6.5.e of the 2022 regulations.

The rocker box vent hole in the front tire extraction area must have a metal screen installed on the inside surface with a minimum opening size of 0.25 inch. The screen can be glued or mechanically attached to the inner surface of the rocker arm housing.

Article 14.6.5.e of the NASCAR Cup Series 2022 regulations

Through a press release, Petty GMS Racing indicated that it will not appeal this sanction. Joey Cohen will take on the role of crew chief for Ty Dillon, while Danny Efland will do the same for Erik Jones.

In addition, Ty Dillon’s team lost a team member and their choice of pit location following two failed inspections prior to practice and qualifying. At the end of qualifying, Ty Dillon took twenty-seventh place on the starting grid, while Erik Jones is on the penultimate row with thirty-fourth place.

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