The hallucinatory figures of the Batum effect on Luka

By winning the series against Dallas, Nicolas Batum and the Clippers managed to advance to the conference semifinals. A performance that bears, among other things, the mark of the French international. This one has indeed done a crazy job on Luka Doncic, as revealed by a pretty crazy statistic.

The least we can say is that the series between the Clippers and Mavs has kept all its promises. The two teams fought a big battle, and it took a Game 7 won by LA to decide between them, despite a fantastic Luka Doncic. NBA show as we like it.

Among the X factors of this game, we can notably mention Nicolas Batum. Ultra-spectacular in the 7th round, the French (9 points and nearly 6 rebounds per game against Dallas) has also done a lot of work in defense and especially on the franchise player Texan. You just have to see the stats of their face-to-face meetings to realize this:

On Game 7:

Batum ON, Doncic ON: LAC +5 (42 MIN)

Batum ON, Doncic OFF: N / A

Batum OFF, Doncic ON: DAL +4 (3 MIN)

About the series:

Batum ON, Doncic ON: LAC +37 (194 MIN)

Batum ON, Doncic OFF: LAC +33 (30 MIN)

Batum OFF, Doncic ON: DAL +44 (87 MIN)

The point differential is staggering, proof that Batman took good care of the Slovenian when they were on the floor at the same time. It should be noted in passing that the average +/- ratio of the old Blazer was +10, which is by far the highest of its team! In short, a real lucky charm.

From now on, Jazz is on the horizon for Tyronn Lue’s men. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nico had to take care of a Donovan mitchell, thus relieving its stars Kawhi leonard and Paul George of defensive responsibilities. If he manages to show the same success, then we could well see Los Angeles in the conference finals.

Huge in defense against Luka Doncic, Nicolas Batum is clearly no stranger to the Clippers’ final victory. The latter are certainly all the more happy to have been able to sign him at least, during the last offseason.

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