the HAC wants to be an eco-responsible pioneer club

How to green the world of football? The HAC shows the voice with a large-scale eco-responsible project presented recently and in partnership with the sponsor Siemens Gamesa, which is opening in a few months in Le Havre its largest wind turbine manufacturing plant in France.

It all starts with the small gestures of the players

The coach of the men’s team agrees with its players to stop using plastic water bottles by February. This represents a saving of 19,000 plastic bottles per year. Instead, you will see the players with metal gourds and there will be water fountains in the stadium. and at the training site. Furthermore, the team will travel as much as possible by bus, in spite of sometimes rather long journeys, in order to avoid the use of the plane. Finally, in the long term, the coach would like his players to come by carpooling for training or even by bicycle.

The goal is for the players to be the driving force, but I think this generation has that will « 

For the club president, Vincent Volpé, players have a duty to set an example:

They are ambassadors, it is enough that they show their responsibilities for the environment and the young people follow the actions. « 

To reduce its carbon impact, the HAC is also committed to working with responsible providers and in short circuits if possible. For example, the caterer is now from Le Havre, swimsuits and outfits will soon be made from 100% recyclable textiles.

The Océane Stadium becomes even more green

Stade Océane is already virtuous enough in environmental terms with 1,500 m² of photovoltaic panels, two rainwater recovery tarpaulins which are used for sanitary facilities or to water the lawn, LED bulbs changed in 2019. This year, the urban community, owner of the stadium, is hiring an audit of the boiler room, the objective being a stadium that operates at 100% green energy in 2023.

The urban community also recalls that the stadium will be accessible by tram normally in 2027. In the meantime and for several years now, there are free shuttles from Le Havre station to the Stadium for supporters. The club intends to develop the attractiveness of these shuttles with entertainment at the start. What’s more, a specific carpooling platform for the supporters will soon be in place for both home and away matches.

The expertise of the sponsor Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa, new sponsor of the club with the slogan #ventdsdenergie provided the club with its environmental experts. For the sponsor who wants to anchor locally, the club’s initiative was welcome. The club’s social and gender commitment is also a factor. Siemens Gamesa continues to promote industrial jobs for women and appreciates the enhancement of the HAC women’s team, one of the few to play in the same stadium as the men’s team.

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