« The guy is holding a concept! »


During the Formula 1 summer break, Julien Fébreau still finds something to have fun. Last Tuesday, a user shared a video on Twitter aimed at raising awareness of the noise pollution endured by cyclists on the roads. Equipped with a sound level meter, the man named Étienne Demur declares: « Crossing motorized vehicles on a departmental road is not only distressing, it is also extremely noisy. Even crossing few cars, being on the road and not next to it, on a bike we experience peaks of white noise beyond 100 dB.« 

An intervention that seems to have made Julien Fébreau laugh a lot. This Thursday, August 11, the famous voice of F1 on Canal+ then shared the cyclist’s post, adding a sarcastic comment: « At the same time the guy has a concept!« , launches the 39-year-old journalist, before adding all in irony: « ‘Welcome to SOUND METER the show that takes you where it makes noise! Today I go to a rocket launch at NASA… To confirm that it makes noise! And next week, off to… A nightclub!’« 

Before Julien Fébreau’s mocking comment, Etienne Damur had already been mocked a lot on Twitter. The engaged cyclist then made an update on Wednesday: « I am very surprised at what level of ill-concealed oppression a simple sound level meter placed on a bicycle can generate for some motorists. Ironic when you know that I am campaigning for cycle routes that do not go through departmental roads.« 



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