the guide for week 4

Place at 4th day of the regular season in the NFL with the long-awaited clash between the Kansas City Chiefs which moves to Tom Brady and his team from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Poster, questions and result of the match that has already been played, We Sport tells you all about this NFL 2022 Week 4.

The game of the week

Kansas City Chiefs [2-1] @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers [2-1] : Monday to 2h20

It’s the shock and what a shock between the Kansas City Chiefs, champion in 2020, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, champion in 2021. Or the confrontation between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. But in addition to the duel between 2 of the best quarterbacks of the NFL 2022, it is above all the confrontation between 2 teams aiming for the Super Bowl next February. Surprised at home last week by the Packers (12-14) after a meeting where the Buccaneers attack was mastered, Tampa Bay can not afford to take a second loss in a row at home. Same problem for the Chiefs who have just been surprised in Indianapolis (17-20) and who do not want to return home with 2 defeats in their suitcases. This confrontation will revive a team and plunge one into doubt… before a revenge in a few months?

Player to watch: Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars [2-1] @Philadelphia Eagles [3-0] : Sunday at 7 p.m.

In the League for a year, Trevor Lawrence begins his second season with the Jaguars. With a lot of expectation around him last season, the rookie then had difficulty expressing himself in a team in very great difficulty (3 wins in 17 games). But this season, the number 1 of the 2021 draft finally manages to meet expectations. With a performance worthy of his talent (77/111 and 772 yards since the start of the season), the Jaguars quarterback perfectly guides his team’s attack and above all, allows his team to finally win. With already 2 victories this season, is the future bright in Jacksonville? Confirmation expected this Sunday on the grounds of the Philadelphia Eagles, undefeated this season.

Team to watch: Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos [2-1] @ Las Vegas Raiders [0-3]: Sunday at 10:25 p.m.

With a very good start to the season (2 wins in 3 games), the Denver Broncos are moving forward quietly. Without being spectacular, the team driven by Russell Wilson impresses with its defensive organization. With only 37 points conceded in 180 minutes, the Broncos thwart opposing teams. Having already caused 6 Fumbles, and like Bradley Chubb, author of 3 sacks, Denver is very difficult to take back. On the lawn of the Las Vegas Raiders, still without a win this season, the defense could speak again.

Question of the week: The Bills in doubt?

buffalo bills [2-1] @Baltimore Ravens [2-1] : Sunday, 19h00

Beaten by the Dolphins last week in the shock of the undefeated teams of the AFC division, the Bills chain another perilous trip to the field of the Baltimore Ravens. Opposed to Lamar Jacksons and solid Ravens, Josh Allen’s teammates will have to raise their level. Yet in shape during the last meeting with 400 yards gained, the Bills quarterback will have to trust his receivers to be able to control the defense of Baltimore. A second loss in a row would be a first big alert in this season for the Buffalo Bills.

Thursday’s game

Miami Dolphins [3-0] @Cincinnati Bengals [1-2] : 15-27

The Miami Dolphins fell for the first time this season, to last season’s runners-up, the Cincinnati Begals (15-27). A defeat in the last quarter of the game, with a 13-0 fatal to the teammates of Tua Tagovailoa, who in addition to losing the game, had to leave his team with a concussion in the 2n/a quarter. The Dolphins Quarterback passed exams and was able to return to Miami with his teammates. Late in the game, Joe Burrow was valuable with a total of 287 yards and allows the Bengals to balance their record. With this first loss for the Dolphins, only the Philadelphia Eagles are still undefeated this season.

The 2022 NFL Schedule for Week 4

Thursday Night Football

Miami Dolphins [3-0] @Cincinnati Bengals [1-2]

Redzone (Sunday, 7:00 p.m.)

Minnesota Vikings [2-1] @ New Orleans Saints [1-2]

Cleveland Browns [2-1] @ Atlanta Falcons [1-2]

buffalo bills [2-1] @Baltimore Ravens [2-1]

Washington Commanders [1-2] @Dallas Cowboys [2-1]

Seattle Seahawks [1-2] @ Detroit Lions [1-2]

Los Angeles Chargers [1-2] @Houston Texans [0-2-1]

Tennessee Titans [1-2] @Indianapolis Colts [1-1-1]

Chicago Bears [2-1] @ New York Giants [2-1]

Jacksonville Jaguars [2-1] @Philadelphia Eagles [3-0]

New York Jets [1-2] @Pittsburg Steelers [1-2]

Redzone (Sunday, 10:05 p.m./10:25 p.m.)

arizona cardinals [1-2] @ Carolina Panthers [1-2]

New England Patriots [1-2] @ Green Bay Packers [2-1]

Denver Broncos [2-1] @ Las Vegas Raiders [0-3]

Sunday Night Football (Monday, 2:20 a.m.)

Kansas City Chiefs [2-1] @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers [2-1]

Monday Night Football (Tuesday, 1h15/2h30)

Los Angeles Rams [2-1] @San Francisco 49ers [1-2]

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