the group for Brest, with Simons and Michut

The PSG group for Brest has fallen

In addition to CAN players (Hakimi, Diallo, Gueye), Juan Bernat (return from Covid), Denis Franchi (Covid), Leo Messi, Neymar and Alexandre Letellier are absent. Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut are still in the group.

Neymar aims for a return for Lille

Injured in the left ankle since November 28 against Saint-Etienne, Neymar has not yet returned to the PSG squad. But according to our information, the Brazilian has set himself the goal of meeting in Lille, scheduled for February 6. If his injury progresses well, he could even be present from the Coupe de France match against Nice on January 31.

In the meantime, the Parisian number 10 trains daily indoors with a physical trainer. He also happens to do sessions several evenings a week, at home.

LT and AP

The PSG medical point

– Denis Franchi tested positive for Covid-19. He was placed in solitary confinement and is subject to the appropriate health protocol.

– Leo Messi, whose development is good, continues his work with the medical and performance staff and will gradually reintegrate the group next week.

– Neymar JR continues his indoor recovery work with members of the medical and performance staff at the Ooredoo training center.

– Alexandre Letellier is continuing his care for a low-grade lesion of the right calf.

It’s the end of this press conference where we didn’t learn much

Except that Messi is still not available.

Leo Messi not available for Brest match

This is confirmed by Pochettino.

Young people ready to start against Brest?

We will see tomorrow the composition of the squad but we are happy with the involvement, that the young people can participate in training and matches. But we are one of the teams in France that gives young players the most minutes. After over time we will see the possibility that they can settle permanently.

Pochettino does not confirm Messi’s absence from the national team

« What decision are you talking about? No decision has been made. »

No Messi in rally with Argentina?

The analysis on Messi is daily, day by day and we hope to have him with us very quickly.

So it’s still very vague on Messi

But it seems clear that he will not be available for the match against Brest on Saturday evening.

News from Messi and Neymar

Neymar follows his recovery plan. Leo is better but he is still under the control of the medical staff and we hope he can be with us soon.

On the Marquinhos case

Marquinhos is a very important player in the team, he has been at the club for years. In relation to the international truce, we will see when the time comes which players will leave.

Where can the team improve?

The team is a system open to improvement. the team must improve in all aspects of the game.

PSG TV announces the return of players

Danilo, Donnarumma and Draxler should be there.

Place at the press conference

We have no information yet on the group and on potential absentees, and in particular Lionel Messi, even if there is not much suspense.

Let’s go for the pre-press conference.

« I’m very happy because we trained well. The spirit is very good. We’re confident for the win. »

Hello and welcome to all

Training at 11:30 a.m. and press conference at 1 p.m., a classic program for PSG which faces Brest on Saturday evening at 9 p.m. The first info from collective training is that neither Neymar nor Messi are present. This further accredits the hypothesis of the Argentinian master’s package to play on Saturday evening. A package which should be confirmed in stride by Pochettino at 1 p.m.

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