the Greens will stay in Ligue 1, bet Florian Gazan

Saturday February 19, 2022, Florian Gazan announces it in his « Big odds »: the Greens of Saint-Étienne, long last in Ligue 1 but who have climbed to 18th place, will save themselves.

ASSE is going through a very complicated season which cost Claude Puel his head, « whose football record was as disastrous as the carbon footprint of an Airbus, except that it was the coach who crashed, launches the columnist. Puel has been replaced by Pascal Dupraz: put a Savoyard at the head of a club for which it smells like raclette, it makes senseespecially since 2016 and the rescue of Toulouse, then 10 points from the first non-relegation player with 10 days to go, even Jesus had applauded both … oh no he can’t, it’s true « .

« Dupraz has the label of specialist in miracles, continues Gazan. And it must be said precisely that since he has been there, Saint-Étienne has been walking on water. Since the end of January, the Greens have just won three consecutive victories It’s not the ‘remontada’, it’s the ‘remonDupraz’. Nine points taken in two and a half weeks, while Claude Puel had scored 12 in four months. And of these three successes, Saint-Étienne was twice behind before turning the tide.

“The Greens had been relegated since the end of September, now they are play-offs, concludes Florian Gazan. So yes, for 10 years, it takes an average of 40 points to stay in Ligue 1 for sure and there Saint-Étienne has 21. Basically , they have 14 games to score as many points as the previous 24« .

Every Saturday in RTL’s 7 a.m. newspaper, Florian Gazan embarks on a football bet with humor, irony, provocation, discrepancy but always with information.

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