The great regret of Derrick Rose after the elimination of the Knicks

There was no feat for the Knicks this Wednesday night, when it came time to meet the Hawks. Back to the wall, Tom Thibodeau’s men lost again, for the third time in a row. At a press conference, Derrick Rose made a confession, and is inevitably disappointed.

For the first time in the playoffs this season after huge disappointments, the Knicks unfortunately did not last very long. Faced with the Hawks of a particularly motivated Trae Young, the New York franchise lost again this Wednesday evening, this time with a score of 103 to 89. End of the course for this team, which should experience changes.

Frank Ntilikina did not play a single minute, even with Elfrid Payton who came out of the starting 5. An incomprehensible choice, and no doubt that Tom Thibodeau will be criticized en masse after questionable choices in this series, especially in defense.

Derrick Rose he did what he could. Holder for a few meetings, he was satisfied with 9 points to 3/11 shooting this Wednesday, visibly hampered by an injury. Indeed, in front of the media, he revealed to have known a glitch during Game 4. Difficult for him to finish well this Game 5, to the chagrin of the Knicks.

Derrick Rose has indicated he tried to play with a knee injury in Game 4 but Tom Thibodeau was unwilling to put him in the fourth quarter.

“I had a few odds and ends in the last game. I had to be smart. I tried, but I was not well. « 

Disappointing end for the Knicks, who will quickly want to return to the playoffs next year. It’s obviously playable, although we can expect some movement during the upcoming offseason. Rose, in fact, will be on the market, and no one knows yet what he will do once there.

If we can trust his words, his second stint in the Big Apple went well. His understanding with Thibodeau is there, but also with his teammates. We can think that the adventure will continue, even if there are still details to be settled.

Derrick Rose is logically disappointed with this end of the season, he who was not 100% of his means to conclude the series against the Hawks. The best is yet to come for the leader, who has everyone in agreement with a great campaign in the Big Apple.

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