The great debuts of Sport-Prototypes in the streets of the GP de Pau 2019

Press release : A big first in the streets of the city of Paloise, the 100% French sports-prototypes of the Sprint Cup by Funyo land to offer an intense spectacle, at all levels and sold out to the thousands of spectators present. opening Nicolas CANNARD of HMC Racing, 2017 Champion, will absolutely want to confirm his good performances, but in Funyo there are always surprises and we remember the past season when at the end of each meeting the provisional classification changed leader The Defending Champion, Aurélien ROBINEAU, resident of Bleu Mercure Racing, as well as his teammates, Cédric GARDIN, Patrick SEILLE or Éric TESSIER, will not let him get too far ahead of the start of the season. new AMGV Sport Racing team and its experienced drivers who had the opportunity to climb to the highest steps of the podiums during the opening race at Nogaro or in previous seasons, Jonathan DESSENS (a former -rallyeman) and Frédéric FAUCHERE will certainly join in the fight for places of honor, as will the Vendée Tugdual RABREAU and the Bretons Nicolas STURM and Yves ORHANT.

To follow also the fight in the category « Gentleman » with the fast Édouard HERY against the pilots HMC Racing Christian CAMBOULIVE, Frank LEFEVRE and Olivier GAUCLERE that only 8 small points separate. Pau would not be Pau without its local pilots and in Sprint Cup by Funyo they even have a top team with the team of Benjamin DIAZ « Pôle-Position 81 » led by its 2 leaders Denis CASSOU and Stéphane CODET. After having obtained his first 2 podiums in the series at Nogaro. The Paloise team will also count on the speed of a very young driver of only 16 years old, Édouard CAUHAUPE, who will carry out a double program over these 3 days of competition: in Funyo Sport-Prototype and in GT4. Édouard will be one of the youngest pilots to take the wheel of Romain ANGEBEAU’s prototypes since 2012. 34 ultra-motivated pilots (including 2 reservists) will discover the circuit drawn around Parc Beaumont this weekend, 4 races of 20 minutes, all the ingredients are there to offer us intense battles on the track. Who will be the big winner of this first in the City? Who will win between those who know the car and those who master this very special track? Answers on May 18 and 19! The races 2.3.4 will be broadcast on Facebook “Sprint Cup by Funyo”, on the YOUTUBE channel and on the Endurance-info website.The entry list is here

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