« The GOAT is neither Jordan nor LeBron, it’s blasphemy to say that »

For several years now, the title of GOAT has been a two-man race between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, players with track records monstrous. But for a Hall of Famer, this binary approach would almost amount to blasphemy to NBA history.

There are a large number of existential questions in the world. In the NBA, the question that will probably never find an answer is the following: LeBron James Where Michael Jordan ? If the latter has long seemed untouchable in the collective imagination of basketball fans, the King has apparently caught up in the minds of some, despite his recent setbacks with the Lakers.

And this trend should be even more visible when he officially breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s legendary record and becomes the all-time leading scorer. The former Bulls will have the prize list for him, with his 6 titles in 6 Finals played, LeBron will have the numbers and his omnipresence in the league’s record books.

For Clyde Drexler, LeBron and MJ are not the GOAT’s

But for a reputable Hall of Famer, this binary approach to the GOAT debate is a mistake, since neither of the two legendary No. 23s would deserve their place at the top of the all-time hierarchy. As he explained in an interview relayed by the YouTube channel « NBA ACTION », Clyde Drexler has two other names in mind when electing the best player of all time.

I have a real problem with the title of GOAT, because with all the players who have evolved in the league since its creation, we find ourselves having conversations around only two players?! We still had Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, two of the best players of all time, and for me the discussions should start with them. There is also Bill Russell, one of the greatest winners in history. How can you put someone in front? I don’t understand, it’s blasphemous.

And the problem always comes from people who have never played, who put LeBron James and Michael Jordan at the top. Anyone who’s been a professional knows it’s more than that. You don’t put people ahead of others, no one was better than Abdul-Jabbar, Russell or Chamberlain. Everyone has the right to have their opinion, it is the key to the debate, but those who have the expertise on the subject know.

When you combine the mentality of the older generation, which has always had a hard time paying compliments to LeBron James and other current players, with that of a man regularly beaten by Michael Jordan, you get the opinion of Clyde Drexler. For the legend of the Blazers, neither of the two deserves the title of GOAT, since neither of the two would be at the level of players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Wilt Chamberlain… An opinion which will no longer necessarily be shared by the current public.

Clyde Drexler resents everyone outside the NBA world who decided to make the GOAT title a two-man race, between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. According to the legend of the Blazers, other great talents deserve a place at the top.

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