the gigantic salary that Haaland would receive at Manchester City

Erling Haaland would receive 865,000 pounds sterling per week, or around 985,000 euros, according to the Daily Mail. This would make him by far the highest paid player in Manchester City, with a salary that would flirt around 50 million euros per year.

By paying Erling Haaland’s clause estimated at 60 million euros, Manchester City did not need to break the bank to recruit the Norwegian last summer. On the other hand, the salary that the Cityzens would pay to their new star makes you dizzy. According to the Daily Mail, Haaland would indeed receive 985,000 euros per week (865,000 pounds sterling) thanks to numerous bonuses.

The British daily indeed indicates that Haaland benefits from a salary aligned with the other stars of the club. It is then the bonuses linked to his performances that would raise the score, and since he has been scoring goals since the start of the season, the Norwegian ticks all the boxes. At this rate, he could earn around 50 million euros per year.

Already 19 goals in 12 games this season

To continue on these bases would also mean that Haaland explodes the current records in the Premier League. Currently, he has 14 goals in 8 league games, in addition to 5 achievements in 3 Champions League games. The English media have calculated: if he keeps the same average, he will end the season at 67 pawns in the Premier League.

It’s hard to imagine such a total, however, the record of 34 goals in a Premier League season seems largely achievable for Haaland. It remains to be seen whether the information revealed on his salary could disturb the harmony within the Manchester City locker room.

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