The Giants have three shutouts in their last five games

At this young start to the season, the San Francisco Giants surprise. In early 2021, many believed the Dodgers and Padres would fight to the end for the West National title.

But believe it or not, the Giants are in this race too. In their first 19 games, San Francisco is 12-7, good for second in the division and the National League.

And in their last five matches, the team have won three shutout times.

Gabe Kepler’s squad shut out the Miami Marlins twice and the Phillies only once.

The season is still young, but compared to last year, the Giants pitchers are dominant. In 2020, they had maintained an earned-run average of 4.64 and after 19 games this season, they maintain an average of 2.93. It is also the fourth best average in the league.

Only the Padres (2.54), the Dodgers (2.68) and the Brewers (2.71) are ahead of them.

Another interesting fact is that wide receiver Curt Casali becomes only the fifth wide receiver since 1900 to see his pitchers fail to allow runs in five consecutive starts. If the artillerymen have to be given credit, Casali deserves almost as much; it is he who dictates the game behind the plate.

If San Francisco continues its momentum, we can therefore expect a whole season in the West of the National. But with the offensive depth of the Padres and Dodgers, I doubt the team will be in the conversation at the end of the season.

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