The Giants are in the race for Starling Marte

According to reporters Craig Mish and Jordan McPherson of the Miami herald, the San Francisco Giants roster would be the one tipped to acquire outfielder Starling Marte by the trade deadline.

The Giants, who are at the top of the NHL Western Section, have a great need to fill in center field. They also have the hopes available to conclude an interesting transaction with the Florida formation.

Recently, Miami offered a contract extension worth around $ 40 million over three years for Marte. However, the two parties did not succeed in agreeing on the purposes of the contract.

Right now, the New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies are also said to be in the race for the quick outfielder.

So far this season, Starling Marte has hit seven home runs in addition to stealing 19 goals in 56 games. In career, he got his hands on two Golden Gloves.

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