the Germans reduced to ten, the tide turns for the Catalans

New card for Eintracht

It is Jakic who is caught by the patrol in the middle. He receives a logical yellow for preventing a counter from taking place.

What a sequence of Ndicka!! (1-1)

The imposing French defender offers a small festival on the left of the Barcelona surface, eliminating his opponent with a rake before crossing his shot from the left a little too much!!

Kamada bears the cost of exclusion

The Eintracht coach is forced to react. Kamada is sacrificed for Almamy Traoré, the former Monaco player.

Red for Tuta!! (1-1)

After a sole on Pedri, Tuta receives his second yellow of the match. The Brazilian defender leaves his partners at ten!!

Jakic can’t find the frame

The Germans are less fluid in front and force their offensives much more now. Jakic takes the option of hitting 20 meters but out of balance, he does not fit. The Frankfurt stadium still continues to push its players hard!

Change for Eintracht

Passed by Milan, Hauge enters the place of Lindstrom. A midfielder replaces an attacking player, Olivier Glasner feels that the tide is turning.

Barcelona have regained their momentum

It is no longer the same Barça that we see now. Dembélé did a lot of good in front, De Jong oiled the game in the middle. Xavi’s players have regained confidence.

Tiki-taka all Barça

So average since the start of the match, Barça offered a splendid three-way action, worthy of the tiki-taka of the best Barcelona years. The entries of Dembélé and De Jong hit the mark almost immediately.


Torres releases Barça after an extraordinary collective action!!! Dembélé, De Jong and Torres combine in one-twos and throw-ins at the entrance to the area, right in the heart of the German defense. The Spanish striker concludes this recital with a sharp right that pierces Trapp, Barcelona picks up!!

Torres misses the mark

Even when the difference is made and the spaces found by the Catalans, the conclusion is not there. Launched on the left, Torres eliminated his defender to enter the box, but then shot wide above.

Double change for Barça

It’s not going well for the Catalans, and Xavi is trying to react. Dembélé and De Jong come into play, Traoré and Gavi are recalled. Meanwhile, Tuta receives a yellow.

Barcelona threatening, finally

Finally a situation for Barça, quiet enough to manage for Trapp. Gavi’s head wasn’t very dangerous.

What German envy!

This Eintracht is a pleasure to see. From an unstoppable Hinteregger behind to a confusing Kostic or Lindstrom up front, the Germans have delivered a perfect game so far. Barça simply harmless.

German Quality

Barça is definitely not playing in comfort tonight, always so unbalanced when the Germans rush to attack. Knauff’s marvelous goal is just a fitting reward for a fearsome Eintracht.

The 2-0 was not far away!! (1-0)

Lindstrom passes a few centimeters from affording a superb skylight, with an uncontrolled left shot. Ter Stegen hadn’t moved on his line!!


Frankfurt starts very strong with a first big acceleration from Lindstrom. On the corner that follows on the right, the repelled ball returns to Knauff, who controls and unleashes a marvelous half-volley directly into the top corner of ter Stegen!! Gorgeous !

It’s back to Germany! (0-0)

No change to note at the break, we leave with the same. As a reminder, Pique already had to be replaced by Lenglet quickly in this game.

It’s the break in Frankfurt! (0-0)

Jostled by surprising and terribly bleeding Germans once the ball was recovered, a small Barça keeps the ball but suffers as soon as he loses it. The Catalans even thought they conceded a penalty at the end of the period, finally canceled by the VAR (40th). Djibril Sow got the biggest chance (7th), Gerard Pique came out touched (24th).

Box for Kostic

Yellow a little stupid for Kostic, sanctioned after a gesture of humor and a whistle against him.

Additional time

Three additional minutes are announced by the fourth referee.

Barcelona frustration

Like a Gavi who begins to get angry on the lawn and is reprimanded, the Barcelonans do not succeed and get annoyed.

Lindstrom like lightning

Lindstrom makes his quick ball execution speak in the box, where he connects a control with a lightning shot from the left. The skylight was sought, it is slightly deviated by a Barcelonan.

It’s canceled !! (0-0)

After watching the video, Mr. Jovanovic believes that Busquets does not finally commit a fault on Borré! It’s very limited, the Barcelonans are doing well…

Penalty for Eintracht!! (0-0)

Big German ball outing, after a recovery in the middle. The ball arrives in the Catalan area very quickly where Busquets catches Borré!! The referee does not hesitate.

Lindstrom tries himself from afar

Offset free kick on the left for Kostic. It’s centered in the right area, where Lenglet returns danger. Lindstrom recovers and takes his chance from very long half-volley, above.

Dominating is not winning

Barça is not there in the heart of the game, where Gavi and Pedri are little in sight. What Frankfurt offers tactically is formidable, while leaving wide possession to the Catalans.

Barcelona offside

The assistant referee then raised his flag but Busquets’ ball over the defense felt terribly well for Alba, who then put away in front of goal for Torres.

Attack, attack, attack

Frankfurt finds lags in attack, with very restless Knauff and Kostic, especially on the wings. Whether on the German or Barcelona side, we project ourselves as soon as possible to the outposts. The game spends very little in the middle.

Adductors for Pique?

We have seen again thanks to the images of RMC Sport 2 the action on which Pique seems to have hurt himself. The Spanish international slipped on a support, his foot slipped and the adductors seem affected.

The tile for Barça

The French international Lenglet is already entering the game. There is a physical concern behind for Pique, who must give up his place.

Barcelona revs up

Still quite imprecise when it comes to really approaching the surface of Trapp, the Catalans manage to put the game more easily for a few minutes. The Barcelona experience is starting to speak.

Warm atmosphere in Frankfurt

The Eagles are pushed by a very hot public this evening, and a white-hot enclosure. Not too much to face the ogre of the Barcelona C3.

Aubemayang at close range! (0-0)

A high ball drags dangerously in the German area, and Torres seizes it. He shifts Aubemayang to the right who, in a tight angle, hits hard towards the first post where Trapp deflects!

Aubameyang was wanted

Not found enough since the start of the match, Traoré has the possibility of accelerating on the right. The Spanish international eliminates his defender from a large bridge then crosses towards Aubameyang. This one does not manage to pass in front of Hinteregger.

Frankfurt is terribly bleeding

The Barcelonans are again in very great danger on a German offensive. It takes a superb defensive return from Gavi to prevent Knauff from getting back into the box. The Germans are in!

The Catalans imprecise on set piece

Corner for Barça on the left. It’s played in two stages, the Catalans seek to disorganize the opposing block. The cross then towards Araujo is too deep, goal clearance.

Sow a few millimeters!! (0-0)

What an opportunity for the Eagles again, with this ideal withdrawal from Lindstrom for Sow. Comfortable at the penalty spot, the Swiss midfielder takes a few centimeters to the left of the post!!

Eintracht’s response

The Germans respond immediately. We quickly play a touch on the left, with Kamada centering back. Lindstrom misses his shot but the ball arrives at Knauff then, who arms a violent shot blocked by Eric Garcia.

What a first parade for Trapp!! (0-0)

It starts very, very strong on the German lawn, where Torres already unleashes an overpowered strike from the right that Trapp removes from under his bar at the cost of a superb horizontal!! The game is on!

Let’s go to Frankfurt! (0-0)

In good weather, it was the Frankfurt Eagles who kicked off this quarter-final first leg of the Europa League!

Kick-off is coming!

The 22 players enter the lawn of the Deutsche Bank Stadion, accompanied by the referee of the meeting, the Serb Srdjan Jovanovic. The anthem of the competition will sound!

The Eintracht coach… confident

« I say it a little bluntly and provocatively: whoever is able to eliminate the fifth in La Liga is also able to beat the third (second now, editor’s note). (…) It is important that we are not frozen in admiration in front of them. We want to go to the semi-finals, « said Oliver Glasner after the draw.

Xavi’s Barça irresistible

With ten wins and three draws in their last 13 matches, Barcelona have been unstoppable for two and a half months, a period that more or less corresponds to Xavi’s appointment. A series that allowed him to get back in the game in La Liga, 12 points behind (but one game less) Real Madrid, leader.

Heavy on their journey

In the round of 16, the Germans eliminated Betis Sevilla (2-1, 1-1), while the Spaniards came out in pain Galatasaray (0-0, 2-1), after getting the best of Naples at the previous round. Xavi’s men are only five games away from winning the only trophy missing from their prestigious list.

Trophy objective and nothing else for Barça

Impressive for a few weeks and returned to second place in La Liga, FC Barcelona, ​​transferred from the Champions League, does not hide its objective of winning the Europa League. Ninth in the Bundesliga, the Germans will have to achieve a feat if they want to reach the last four.

Eintracht XI

Trapp – Hinteregger, Ndicka, Tuta – Knauff, Sow, Jakic, Kostic – Kamada, Lindstrom – Borre.

Frankfurt cannot count on injured Christopher Lenz and Diant Ramaj. In goal, we find in particular the former goalkeeper of PSG, Kevin Trapp. French central defender Evan Ndicka starts left axial from a three-man defense.

The composition of Barça

Ter Stegen – Araujo, Pique, Garcia, Alba – Pedri, Busquets, Gavi – Traore, Aubameyang, Torres.

Barça cannot count on Memphis Depay, recent package. Sergino Dest, Ansu Fati, Sergi Roberto and Samuel Umtiti are also injured, Luuk de Jong covid. Dani Alves is not registered for the competition. For the rest, Xavi lined up an attack line with Adama Traoré at the start, accompanied in front by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Ferran Torres. Ousmane Dembélé starts on the bench.

Good morning all !

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