the « genitor » of the F40 at auction


The Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione is among the most important cars ever made by the Prancing Horse firm. It was the last GT closely supervised by Enzo Ferrari, and it was above all the ancestor of the F40. The Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione has had quite a checkered history, and its rarity makes it a highly sought-after car for collectors today.

It is estimated that there are only five examples left in the world (one of which is on display at the Ferrari museum), and one of them will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s, in Germany, from 19 to October 21.

Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution (1987)

Born to race

The 288 GTO Evoluzione was born in the mid-1980s to compete in FIA Group B events. To participate in the championship and challenge the legendary BMW M1, Ferrari was obliged by the regulations to build at least 200 examples homologated for the road. Production therefore began in 1986, but the same year the FIA ​​decided to completely change the formula of the championship following a series of serious accidents.

The development of the 288 stopped, with nevertheless five models already assembled. These GTOs were then improved by Michelotto and Pininfarina, who worked on power and lightness in particular.

After a visit to our two protagonists, the 288 GTO Evoluzione comes out with a 650 hp engine (much more than the 400 hp of the « normal » 288 GTO), while its Kevlar and fiberglass bodywork allowed it to display a weight under the ton, in this case 940 kg. Capable of spinning up to 370 km/h, this monster of power obviously inspired the Maranello engineers a lot for the development of the F40.

Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution (1987)
Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution (1987)
Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution (1987)

Nearly priceless

The model presented at auction was manufactured in 1987 and, in December of the same year, was sold to Belgian racing driver and entrepreneur Jean Blaton. During its life, this Ferrari changed owners often and was also part of the collection of Canadian Lawrence Stroll (current owner of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team and father of Lance Stroll).

In 2015, collector Davide Raisbeck participated with the 288 GTO Evoluzione in the Concorso d’Eleganza Cavallino Classic, winning two prestigious awards. The car then returned to Europe until it was on sale today.

The model in question recently underwent a meticulous restoration by Michelotto. The mechanics restored the car to its original condition and repainted the bodywork and many interior elements in Rosso Corsa. Amount of restoration? 133,000 euros.

Hard to imagine the value of such a Ferrari. A 288 GTO (produced in 288 copies), therefore less exclusive, recently sold between three and four million euros. This 288 GTO Evoluzione should therefore see its prices soar.


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