The Game compares NBA Youngboy to 2Pac

With arguments that can be agreed.

The compliments thrown by The Game are not very many at the momentt. The West Coast rapper has gone on a war against Eminem and Dr. Dre, because of the SuperBowl show from the beginning of the year during which Game was not invited to perform. But this week, the alum had some very glowing words for next-gen rapper NBA Youngboy, comparing him outright to 2Pac.

Interviewed by Montreality, a Canadian media, The Game said bluntly about his young colleague: « NBA Youngboy will be the Tupac of this generation. Sometimes you can come across an 18-year-old who will say, ‘NBA YoungBoy is better than Tupac.’ This has nothing to do with that being the case, or that Tupac is better than Youngboy NBA. It’s just the same as Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/Lebron James, it’s different eras of dominance. ». Game therefore clearly positions NBA Youngboy among the leaders of the current rap game, at least of his generation.

He adds that if today’s rap fans identify more with Youngboy than with Tupac, they have to let the young rapper have the love of the public, and reminds the importance of appreciating the artists who perform at the moment. He ends by declaring that in his life he had loved both Sugar Hill, NWA, Public Enemy, 2Pac, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z and that we were not always obliged to put them in competition. We can only agree with The Game, which has also just released a new album.

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