The future Mercedes Class E (2023) walks in its final body!

If the next generation of Mercedes E-Class has already been spotted by our spy photographers, it was a mule. Surprised again, she is now stepping out in her own dress.

Launched in 2016 and restyled in 2020, the current and 5th generation Mercedes Class E will not be long. Its replacement should be presented by the end of the year and marketed from 2023. So, of course, she gradually begins to show herself. Discovered for the first time last June by our spy photographers, it was only a mule wearing the clothes of the model sold today. Surprise again in recent days, this time, it is with its final body that she walks.

An evolution, not a stylistic revolution

In fact, two prototypes were identified: one with a grille with horizontal bars, the other with a single bar. But, in general terms, the style is the same. The silhouette of the vehicle could not be more classic, in the spirit of the current generation. There was no question of scaring away its many customers. At the rear, the lights are still triangular, but they seem to lose height and extend more over the trunk, just above the license plate. The stern looks more plump in general, the door handles are retractable, all this giving it an S-Class look. Nothing extraordinary about that, the E-Class having always taken care to look like its big sister. It should also borrow from the Class C, renewed last year. For example, the star will probably remain on the grille and will not be enthroned on the hood, like the S-Class. But we will have to wait a bit for the details because, for the moment, the copies are still well camouflaged.

In this first photo, we can clearly see that the grille of the new Mercedes E-Class has two horizontal bars superimposed on one another.  © L'Automobile MagazineIn this other photo, there is only one horizontal bar on the grille of the Mercedes E-Class. © L'Automobile Magazine

Bye bye the 8 cylinders!

Inside, the E-Class will change more and should opt for a large tablet in portrait format, like what we find in his two sisters. Safety equipment and technology will always be more numerous and largely taken over from the S-Class. Artificial intelligence should be always more sophisticated. Autonomous driving level 3 will surely be there.

On the technical level, there, for once, there will be change, according to our well-informed German colleagues from Auto Motor und Sport. She will say goodbye to the 8-cylinder and can only count on 4 or 6-cylinder electrified. And this will only be the first option for the AMG versions, plug-in hybrids, whose power is expected to start around 600 hp. This will be mandatory micro-hybridization for more common gasoline and diesel 4 and 6-cylinder engines. We will get back to you about it as soon as we know more!

Published on 01/12/2022 Updated 01/12/2022

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