The future good plans of the NFL Draft 2020

With less than a week before the NFL Draft, We Sport offers you ten players who will not be selected among the first during the ceremony but that could be great business for franchises.

Tyler Biadasz (C, Wisconsin Badgers):

A pure product from Wisconsin announced at 140 kg on the scale! The one who aimed to open breaches for Jonathan Taylor is a very solid player who is not afraid of anything. If his physique leaves him alone, Badass It shouldn’t be hard to start an NFL franchise. It is for me the best center of this cuvée.

Ben Bartch (T, St John’s):

One of the most intriguing prospects on this list. A former tight end turned offensive lineman, he has fairly impressive mobility for his position. His technique is still to be improved, but his worked physique and his ability to improve quickly make him an excellent bet in the middle of the NFL Draft.

Cam Akers (RB, Florida State Seminoles):

Coming out of high school, he had more difficult than expected years in the Florida State quagmire. He still signed a good 2019 season with 1144 yards and 14 touchdowns. He shouldn’t be the first rider to be picked in this NFL Draft but he’s got all of a good deal!

Michael Pittman JR (WR, USC Trojans):

We repeat, there will be a lot of receivers in this draft! Michael Pittman is not the most talented, nor the best known but the team that will recover to 3 or 4th turn should rub their hands! During his four seasons at USC, he has continued to improve and he crossed the bar of 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns for his last season. He’s all set for the NFL.

Chase Claypool (WR, Notre Dame):

Future receiver or future tight end? Tall player (1.95m), Chase Claypool will bring any team in need of a big or a threat in the redzone. Author of an excellent NFL Combine, he has proven to have excellent physical qualities to which are added good abilities to block. Shis side has been on the rise for several weeks, making him a potential 2e tower.

Thaddeus Moss (TE, LSU):

He’s the son of Randy Moss and he’s college champion with LSU! Here are two good reasons to draft it. More seriously, he did not have a big impact on the Tigers’ attack last season, but his playoff performances made his side climb. He had the merit of registering three touchdowns in two games including two against Clemson during the Championship Game. He does not yet have the makings of a potential NFL holder but use a 5th or 6th spin for this player could be a low risk bet and one that could pay off big! Especially if his father has not passed on to him even a tenth of his talent for catching the balls.

Troy Dye (LB, Oregon):

The linebacker class is not very dense this year, but Troy Dye could well be one of the nice surprises. A good defender against the run capable of blitzing, he is mobile and can read games. If some points remain to be improved such as tackling technique, he is one of the players with the most potential in his position. and should make a team happy during the 2e Draft day.

Noah Igbinoghene (CB, Auburn Tigers):

A trained receiver, Igbinoghene became a cornerback during his studies at Auburn. If this is not the most academic cornerback on the board, he is an extraordinary athlete and his rating continues to climb as the draft approaches. If he still needs to learn to become a benchmark player in his position, he is a very interesting prospect for a team that wants to strengthen its defensive backfield. Hard to believe he will pass the second round!

Cameron Dantzler (CB, Mississippi State):

The cornerback class is excessively supplied this year and a lot of good deals could be made during the 2e and 3e tower. Among the good plans, Cameron Dantzler asserts himself as a potential steal. Injured for part of the college season, he showed excellent pass defense skills while on the pitch. If he falls into a team where he can play No. 2, he will be a great pick.

Kyle Dugger (S, Lenoir Rhyne):

The 2e College division offers some amazing players every year, a Kyle Dugger just might be the next man on that list. A true playmaker, he will bring to his team upon his arrival in the league. His physical player profile could appeal to many franchises and given the low density of players at the safety post, he could perhaps infiltrate at the end of 1er tower.

Ten names that will surely be called out on Friday during the NFL Draft, but ten names that could surprise and delight the franchises who have chosen them.

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