The future behind the home plate of the Yankees is called Austin Wells

The Yankees weren’t very active until the lockout, but they still settled a hot file. They offered Gary Sanchez a contract. The receiver, who is eligible for arbitration, will therefore return to the Bronx in 2022, despite his last two seasons to forget.

Its return is mainly due to the small market of available receivers. In addition, the hopes of the organization in this position are not ready to enter the show. However, one of these, Austin Wells, is quickly approaching.

When he was selected in the first round of the 2020 draft, we were talking about one of the best offensive players in the auction. So far, Wells has confirmed this prognosis. In 2021, the left-hander slammed 16 long balls and collected 76 RBIs in 103 games split between A and A +.

Subsequently, he was sent to the Arizona Fall League where he hit five doubles, two triples and two homers with a .344 batting average in just 18 games. It is defensively that the shoe pinches.

Wells is still far from being very effective behind the plate. In that same fall league, there is a game where you stole five goals in as many attempts at your expense. As he moves well, he could be turned into an outfielder eventually, but for now, the Yankees have no plans to change his position.

In the short term, Austin Wells doesn’t look like a big improvement over Gary Sanchez. There is still work to be done, but if he becomes a left-handed Sanchez, it will already be won.

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