the funny reason De Bruyne is so strong with his left foot

In an interview with France Football, the playing master of Manchester City and Belgium, Kevin de Bruyne, confirms a legend concerning him: yes, he did become ambidextrous thanks to his neighbors, during his childhood.

The boy is right handed, but many would pay to have the same left handedness as him. Few of the top players on the planet can use both feet as skillfully as Kevin de Bruyne does. However, the Belgian (30 years old) is not a « natural » ambidextrous.

Like a David Villa, who had to work his left foot after a nasty injury to his right leg when he was just a little boy, it was during his childhood that « KDB » got used to it. to play with his bad paw. And more precisely « thanks » to his neighbors, as he explains this week in an interview with France Football.

« It finally helped me for the sequel »

« I knocked out all their flowers with my ball, remembers the Manchester City player. At home, the parents understood: there were two goals and nothing else. But, around our garden, there were the plants neighbors and they didn’t really like my way of shooting around and messing them up. So they asked me to play with my left foot, which ultimately helped me down the road.  » And who helps him even today. « It adds uncertainty, continues the Belgian. The defenders know that if they leave me space on the left, I will not wait indefinitely for there to be space on the right. »

But for the master at playing Skyblues, the main thing is not there anyway. « We can all pass with both feet. But above all, we can all send uncontrollable rockets for the attackers, he laughs. But the important thing is to give the ball in the right tempo, properly . It’s my take on the game, and my right foot feels better for it. « 

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