The French team, Juventus, the case … Pogba empties his bag

The Blues, Juventus, the case … Paul Pogba brushed aside all the questions about him in an interview with GQ Italia.

After a tricky season filled with injuries and an extra-sporting affair that rocked the player, Paul Pogba wants to focus on the future. His transfer to Juventus, his status in the France team or his relationship to rumors … The world champion mentioned all the subjects apart from that of the affair with his brother. Quite logical since at the time of the interview, the first revelations had just come to light.

The only possible connection to the case is when the midfielder confides in the importance of feeling supported. « You know, having started playing at a very young high level, I’m used to dealing with rumours, does he think. (…) We live each week with praise and criticism, knowing that we must maintain a balance and focus on our work. I thank all of them (his bianconeris supporters) the messages and support they have shown me on social media and in person. It’s really unbelievable. To them, I promise to work hard to get back on the pitch as soon as possible, and to help the team achieve the victories they deserve.».

His return to Juve, a choice of the heart

The 29-year-old also opened up about the status he wants to have at Juventus. “I like to think and say that my heart made the choice. It might also be a good time to come back here. The last three years in Manchester, also conditioned by injuries, have not gone as I wanted, it’s no mystery. I thought if we add to that the fact that Juve also come from two years in which they didn’t win the Scudetto, it was a good challenge for both of us. And maybe it was the right time to get together and try to take back the place we deserve, for me and for Juve. And above all to reconnect with victory. he confides.

“And inside of me I know that shirt is special, it brings out my best. We built a good history with this team, which I never forgot even when I left Juve. Coming back here for me is always a reason to push, for a stimulus to succeed. I never doubted that was my place. “, he continued before comparing himself to several stars of Juve. “Now I look at myself and I think I have become like these players, like Pirlo, like Buffon, like Chiellini. It’s my turn to do to Juve what they did. »

Unconditional love for the Blues

Paul Pogba initially recognized that France was a hotbed of talent. “The particularity of France is that every year there are players who are already 17 or 18 years old and who can play in the team. There is enormous talent he insists. I think that’s why in recent years France have always been a potentially very strong team.»

He then looked at his objectives in Blue, ensuring that he wanted to defend his colors as long as possible. “There is competition but despite that a good group has formed, with a good mentality. The role of the coach is fundamental in this respect. Always having his confidence, doing well and helping my national team for many more years is my real goal..

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